Welcome to Reason Rack Extensions by Murf

I am building Rack Extensions for ReasonStudios Reason, mostly modular synth based, and inspired by real world hardware modular synthesis.

My goal is to provide a number of basic standalone modules as Rack Extensions for Reason that provide all the functionality needed to do basic Modular Synthesis, at no charge (ie., free).

Once I have a comprehensive set of modules I will release them in a self contained larger Rack Extension (or two or more if there are too many) for a small cost.

Further to this I am now porting some modules from other DAWs, as well as releasing my own creations.


I have released the fabulous Valley Plateau Lush Plate Reverb. This is an authorised port.


I have released a Stereo 8×8 Matrix Mixer to the Reason Studios Shop, MIX88.