Welcome to Reason Rack Extensions by Murf

I am building Rack Extensions for ReasonStudios Reason, mostly modular synth based, and inspired by real world hardware modular synthesis.

My goal is to provide a number of basic standalone modules as Rack Extensions for Reason that provide all the functionality needed to do basic Modular Synthesis, at no charge (ie., free).

Once I have a comprehensive set of modules I will release them in a self contained larger Rack Extension (or two or more if there are too many) for a small cost.

Further to this I am now porting some modules from other DAWs, as well as releasing my own creations.


All of my RE’s are half price for the duration of May.

Download Valley Plateau for ReasonStudios Reason here

Download Valley Amalgam for ReasonStudios Reason here

Download MIX88 for ReasonStudios Reason here


I have now released the amazing Valley Amalgam Multi-mode, stereo signal masher. This is an authorised port with permission from the original author Dale Johnson.

Download Valley Amalgam for ReasonStudios Reason here