The MIX88 Rack Extension for ReasonStudios Reason is a stereo 8×8 matrix mixer that gives eight fully independent sound balances from eight pre-mixed group outputs from the main console.

It is inspired by the Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer

It has the following:

Eight identical channel modules, each of which has the following features:

  • Direct stereo outputs with level control and mute button
  • Eight matrix routing switches and level controls
  • Matrix stereo output with level control via a large fader
  • Matrix output mute button
  • 20 segment LED peak-to-peak VU bargraph meter switchable to show the level of the direct output or the matrix output

A stereo Pre-Fade Listen function allows instant access to all inputs and matrix outputs and is available at the rear panel.

Download MIX88 for ReasonStudios Reason here

A comprehensive online manual for MIX88 is available here

The original Midas XL88 manual is available here